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Cameroon Boyo - In the highlands of western Cameroon, we escort you to Mbessa, a village in Upper Boyo. The world renowned Cameroon Boyo Coffee comes from this and neighboring villages. Farmer, Matti Foncha, brough together an organization of small-holder farmers into coops of 50 members and unions of up to 10 societies follow quality standards for production to meet specialty coffee requirements.

Cupping notes - Medium roasted coffee with mild acidity, medium body, malt sugar, and a black tea finish. 


Espresso Blend - Espresso Blend is the Cameroon Boyo blended with Central American goodness roasted dark enough to barely bring out the caramelized oils. This will bring out the malt sweetness from the Cameroon, while adding notes of cacao on the finish.


Peru Decaf - Our Decaf uses the Swiss Water Process, which is a 100% chemical free process for removing caffeine. This allows for a more natural coffee flavor with a full body and cherry notes.